The gate to the world of studio photography. This is the shortest description of this unique product that we can come up with. Small, compact and affordable accessory that can really extend your smartphone1 capabilities and gives you a lot of new ideas and opportunities to shoot better photos.


A1 is equipped with 1W LED lamp and can be used as a small and portable light source for your smartphone, however this is not the most important feature of this unique device. First of all, A1 is a standalone 8Ws flash unit, that can be wireless synchronized with smartphone camera and this is a huge step-up. More controllable light source you can use equals more creativity and uniqueness. Moreover A1 stands out for its full integration with advanced and complex Quadralite and Godox wireless flash system. There is only one condition: you have to install Quadralite Photo App on your smartphone. This tandem will ultimately transform your phone into a professional studio camera. Finally you will be able to use additional lights with ease in studio, on location or anywhere you want.


A1 can be used as:

  • Independent wireless flash unit that make your photos better anywhere and anytime.
  • LED continuous light source
  • Wireless trigger of Quadralite lights (including flashes and LED’s) for more opportunities and creativity boost.
  • Easy to use and convenient wireless controller of Quadralite lights thanks to specially developed app that will turn your smartphone into a studio command center2.

Top surface of the A1 is equipped with small but clear and legible OLED screen that shows basic information about device status. Three buttons are placed on the right side of the panel. You can trigger test flash, turn on the LED light and turn the device on/off just by pressing them. There is also adjusting wheel and additional button in the middle used for changing various setup options. Front side consists flashtube and LED’s. Bottom part is equipped with 3/8" thread which is compatible with most studio accessories, stands and clamps. Back side of the device is fitted with a magnetic patch that can stick to metal surfaces and provides quick and easy mounting option.

Main features

  • built-in Bluetooth 4.0 module for communication with smartphones via Quadralite Photo App up to 50m transmission distance
  • can be used as smartphone off-camera flash, LED light or wireless studio lights controller
  • built-in 2.4GHz Quadralite Navigator X wireless system transceiver (device can be use as Slave or Master unit)
  • Built-in 433MHz Quadralite LED Remote for Thea LED panels
  • Lightweight, compact and portable with integrated 1Ah lithium-ion battery
  • 1 W LED modeling light and 8Ws of flash energy with 5 steps adjustment (1/1 – 1/16)
  • Stable color temperature of 6000K±200K
  • 3/8" thread and magnetic patch for fast and easy mounting

1 Quadralite A1 and Quadralite Photo App are compatible with following smartphones: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone7, iPhone7 Plus. This list contains only tested models and not all iPhones. If your phone is not mentioned here self-test is highly recommended.

2 Quadralite A1 is fully compatible with all Quadralite Navigator X and Godox X system devices.


Model Quadralite A1
Product type Wireless flash/controller
Compatible with Smartphone with installed
Quadralite Photo App
Max energy output 8Ws
Guide number 8.1
F-stop (@1m, 100ISO) 5.6 5/10
Color temperature (@max energy) 6000K±100K
Energy range 5 f-stops (1/1 – 1/16)
Max recycle time 2.8s
Modeling light
Lamp type LED
Max power 1W
Color temperature 6000K±200K
CRI ≥94
Wireless control and communication
Bluetooth module Built-in
Core 4.0
Range 50m
Quadralite Navigator X transmitter/receiver Built-in
Modes Slave/Master (only via Quadralite
Photo App)
Range 80m
Frequency 2.4GHz
Channels 32
Groups 16
Compatible with Quadralite Atlas, Reporter, Stroboss
And Pulse Pro X flashes
Quadralite LED Remote transmitter Built-in
Modes Master (only via Quadralite Photo App)
Range 20m
Frequency 433MHz
Channels 16
Groups 6
Compatible with Quadralite Thea LED panels
Power source 3.8V/1Ah Lithium-ion battery (built-in)
Battery capacity up to 700 full power flashes
Sync socket 2.5mm Jack
Cooling Passive
Display OLED
Ready indicator Visual
Operating temperature range +10ºC to +50ºC
Lenght x Width x Height 80x23x65mm
Weight 110g



Quadralite A1 (EN/PL) Download



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